Friday, August 19, 2005

In-Tune: Daedelus

Style: Electronica

"So it's with a crash, bang, distortion that I can be here today. I'm an constantly aspiring musician, hoping to be inspired at the turn of a page or sidelong glance. For a brief few years I've been releasing records and remixes under one moniker, Daedelus, or with friends as either Adventure Time (with Frosty) or soon enough The Long Lost (with Laura Darling). The labels I've been lucky enough to know have been; Plug Research, Ninja Tune, Mush, Eastern Developments, Laboratory Instinct, Phthalo, Merek, Big Dada, Soul Jazz, Distill, Hefty, Bit Of Heaven, Temporary Whatever, and in a more distant fashion Virgin, Stones Throw, and Warp." - Daedelus

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I Have no hydraulics
Eye Wood Dice 4 U