Friday, August 12, 2005

In-Tune: Dj Clever

Style: Electronica

"Clever was introduced to the sounds of drum and bass while taking a University semester abroad in London. He soon began DJing, and quickly gained gigs in his native Connecticut, before moving to NYC to work at the legendary Breakbeat Science. Fast forward a few years later, and he’s the music buyer for Breakbeat Science, a heavily in demand DJ, has released three mix CD’s (‘Xperience Drum and Bass’ and ‘Total Drum and Bass’ both on Moonshine, and ‘Troubled Waters’ on Microcosm Music), and runs his successful Offshore Recordings imprint. His productions include ‘Connect 4’ (with Anemone), Sprouts, C-Space, and Deep Sleep (all with Morgan Packard, as Tundra). Clever’s DJ sets range greatly from deepness to floor shakers, but always stray from the norm, concentrating on leftfield or off the beaten path styles of drum and bass. Without losing sight of the dancefloor, he manages to spread new sounds and educate the masses, keeping things interesting, and keeping the listener on their toes. His label, Offshore, is equally concerned with music that pushes through boundaries and searches for new ideas, holding onto the basic tenets of drum and bass music all the while. Forward thinking and forward moving are at the heart of Clever and Offshore. This is easily identifiable in his newest mix CD, ‘Troubled Waters,’ (on Microcosm Music) taking tracks from the Offshore catalogue and seamlessly mixing together drumfunk, minimal future soul, quirky technical wizardry, and neurofunk from the likes of Paradox, Deep Blue, Seba, Graphic, Justice, Pieter K, Fracture & Neptune, Sileni, ASC, and Tundra." - Dj Clever

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Tundra - Sprouts