Tuesday, August 16, 2005

In-Tune: Pristina

Style: Electronica

"Pristina is a collective. A group of talented female writers/vocalists, teamed together with writer/producer Joey B. of The Echoing Green. The idea was to create a beautiful, female-driven, sophisticated electronic record - so Joey called upon friends he had made over his many years of recording and touring with The Echoing Green, as well as some new friends to lend their talents. "I think Pristina's secret weapon is that most all of the women involved have backrounds in acoustic and rock-type genres... nothing electronic. So when I asked them to be a part of an electronic project - they were all excited to step out of their element and flex different musical muscles, so-to-speak." says Joey. Of these artists only Chrissy has written with Joey before. "Not only is she like a sister to me - but as a collaborator, Chrissy brings alot to the table. She could sing the phone book, and I'd buy it." says Joey of his long-time musical partner. " - Pristina

The voices: (click on a name for more info)
Sarah Masen
Alicia Luma
Monica Schroeder
Anita Robinson of Viva Voce
Chrissy Jeter of The Echoing Green
Sherri Youngward

Available at:

So Alive