Wednesday, August 10, 2005

In-Tune: Monomatik

Style: Electronica

"If you must write prose or poems, the words you use should be your own. Don't plagiarise or take "on loan". Oh no, Monomatik wouldn't do that, would they? See, and neither would we ;-) The difference between plagiarism and inspiration is the presence of a creative idea of one's own. While the plagiarist merely copies or imitates somebody else's original work, the inspired artist takes somebody else's idea and builds up his own work on that idea or simply embeds the idea into a different context. Far from being suspect to plagiarism, Monomatik play with inspiration. They take the cosy, melancholic air of one classic 80's guitar-pop album and recreate this emotional atmosphere on entirely different and entirely electronic gear, almost without words but solely with original compositions of their own. Sometimes with a wink of an eye, sometimes brooding and contemplative, sometimes light-hearted and sometimes blue and doleful, this EP is prancing along the line between electronica and pop, its head full of futuristic arrangements, its soul full of love for its roots." - Monomatik

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Keats and Yeats are on your side
I know its over (and it never really began)