Monday, August 15, 2005

In-Tune: Solvent

Style: Electronica

"Solvent is Jason Amm, a robot music composer, analog synthesizer fetishist, and co-founder of the reknowned Suction Records label. Born in Zimbabwe in 1972, Solvent currently resides in a room full of machines in Toronto, Canada. Solvent has been releasing his unique brand of synthesizer-pop music since 1997, and is best known for his releases on Suction Records (1999's "Solvently One Listens") and Morr Music (2001's "Solvent City"). Solvent has created his own unique version of electro-pop: too elegent and sincere for the electroclash set, too complex and contemporary to sound like it was recorded in 1981, and too seeped in the time-honoured traditions of melody, songwriting and hands-on synthesis to be lost in the overcrowded world of IDM. Along with some notable remixes including Soft Cell, Adult., and Kid606, Solvent has also contributed standout tracks to several influential electronica compilations in recent years, including "Putting The Morr Back In Morrissey" (Morr Music), "Disco Nouveau" (Ghostly International), and "Misery Loves Company" (Ersatz Audio). Today, Solvent is widely regarded in the underground electronica community as being at the forefront of electro-pop's return to form." - Solvent

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