Monday, August 08, 2005

In-Tune: Cajita

Style: Downtempo

"Cajita (pronounced "ka-heeta") is the invention of Jay Chakravorty, a young indo-irish-english welshman based in Bristol. Having written songs and played guitar in his bedroom for years, he was given some dance-music software by an acid-techno DJ and former housemate, forcing him to put his guitars into storage for a year while he learned how to use his computer. Satisfied that it wouldn't necessarily crash every time he tried to use it, he started combining his acoustic and electric guitars with the bleeps and beats he created, and Cajita was born. With the addition of new software and new band members over the years, Cajita has developed into a live outfit that sometimes performs as a full, five-piece band, sometimes as a duo, trio or quartet, and sometimes simply as a solo act. cajita means 'little box' in spanish, by the way. it's not as interesting a story as you might think. . . " - Cajita

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