Tuesday, August 09, 2005

In-Tune: Cooler

Style: Electronica

"Though I started dealing with making music 5-6 years ago, I'm involved in the present genre only for a few years. Like many other musicians, my first works were entirely made in software environment. I got a good chance to shape my musical taste via computers and the internet. It's quite trendy to classify songs into genres nowadays - the best attribute to describe my work is "contemporary electronic". Sometimes they refer to them as ambient, experimental(?), idm. I consider music itself in a wider range, not like what we could expect from classical definitions. But at the same time I draw a line from genres which only consist of noises generated by some interesting methods, saying that this is an exeperiment and not sticking to any normality. In my music - if it is possible to say - I always stick to values like musicality, melody and intelligibility. Apart from those things, I am not against to any new ideas. Minimalism and simplicity is important, usually those concepts don't come true in my music but I think I am on the right way to get those things to work. In 2005 I formed Bitlab Records with Banyek, and also remixed Banyek's lovely track called "Persze", which is available on Bitlab's first release." - Cooler

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Her Voice Reminds Me of a Xylophone