Wednesday, March 15, 2006

In-Tune: Zengineers

Style: Electronica

"Science is exploring human nature in explicit detail these days. The human genome has been decoded, our brain-structure has been understood and can be put into images. It's all right there, all this data, and still - does it really give an answer to the question what being human is all about? No, of course not. After all, what we see is just a recording, just one perspective on the real thing. Just like a map is not identical with the territory. With their debut EP on iD.EOLOGY, Zengineers offer some second thoughts on this thesis. Much like the Zen master asks his disciple "Who creates the tree at the end of the road?", the duo - formed by iD.EOLOGY's very own Phour Trakk and vocalist Sick-E - simply trickle their very own blend of lounge, breakbeat, funk, pop and hip-hop into your ears. And really, they have nothing more to add but the title. If you feel a wee bit doubtful now, don't worry. It's all part of the idea of Zen. So just open up and let this EP settle into your mind. And maybe, much like the Zen disciple who realises that to him this tree only exists as an image in is mind, meaning he's the one creating it, you might realise that this music present as an impression in your mind again triggers so many images that it's like a whole new world inside your skull. So maybe, just maybe, the map really IS the territory. Or maybe, just maybe, in the case of Zengineers, for once it's the map that's creating the territory." - Zengineers / iD.EOLOGY

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Requiem for a Theme
Les Rites de Passage