Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In-Tune: TNT Recordings

Style: Electronica

"A group of producers, consisting of guitarist Nigel Watson, bassist Tom Dean, and keyboardist Tate North. The trio blend their own style of funk, jazz, reggae, and dub with beats ranging from downtempo to drum and bass, dub, and hip hop. Established in 2003, TNT is a hybrid of electronica and live instrumentation. TNT Recordings is the three headed love-child of dance, groove, and psychedelia. TNT produces raw grooves that feed upon the emotion and energy of the original creative roots. Initial foundations are established in a live session, captured, and then shaped into their final forms without straying from the earliest framework. The final tracks are mixed deep for your headphones and soundsystem, and locked tight for the deepest of beat-matching." - TNT Recordings

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