Thursday, March 09, 2006

In-Tune: Jettatura

Style: Electronica

"However you take the music of NYC's Jettatura, and whether you hone in on its fatback beatscapes or its eerie, sampladelic high-end, you'll come away with a haunting combination of cinematic sounds, rock to electro-textures and stone grooves. But while they may be eclectic in influence, the two-man group, drummer/producer Dave Hill Jr. and multi-instrumentalist James Rotondi, have turned their free flowing creative operating system into a dark, compelling style that could be a spooky cousin to Jon Hassell's global funk minimalism; Sigur Ros's ambient-rock abstractions; Talvin Singh's motoric ethno-techno; Angelo Badalamenti's emo-surf intrigue; Dan the Automator's art- hop orchestrations; or even the lap-top blip-hop of Autechre and Kid606. But if Jettatura is that arty, it's still economical; four-minute instrumental songs based around a brooding breed of hooks and vamps." - Jettatura

Available at:

Jade Gate