Wednesday, March 08, 2006

In-Tune: Bacanal Intruder

Style: Electronica

"Bacanal Intruder brings Zymogen a bit far from its usual habits, but this joyful derailment is definitely a pleasure. A micro-ep with five little tracks and five little melodies sketched with guitars, harmonica, melodica and other strange instruments processed with computer over glitches and digital beats. Luis handles these sounds carefully creating different melodic patterns and, moving from different atmospheres, is able to give you a carefree smile with ironic and beautiful music. A melodica is tickled by microsounds during "Peladilla" to introduce you into this strange world where you'll hear a baby voice singing with you, but suddenly "La Pulga" is there to wake you up with its chaotic melodies and fast random sounds, and then a break; "Lloriao", simply a nice song, nothing more than that, and sometimes it's lovely realizing how simplicity could be beautiful by itself, just a riff, just a's enough to feel its beauty. Just some minutes and we're already at the end of the ep, yes, but what an end! "Modem Prelude" and "Modem" are something really moving with a stretched guitar and a tender baby voice wich explains you what's the meaning of tenderness in 3 minutes: keep attention!" - Zymogen / Bacanal Intruder

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