Thursday, March 02, 2006

In-Tune: Ferocious Mullet

Style: Breakbeat

"Having Written music together for the last 8 years, The Ferocious Mullet is a fine example of British Electronic music pushin the boundries... The Mullet will mix and match any genra from Breaks, Techno, Drum and Bass, House, Jazz, Funk, Trance and Classical. The FM was formed out of a need to put together good quality, well produced beats and sounds, that would make an impact on the dance floor and also stand up in a critical listening environment. The main remit of the Mullet is to draw influences from a wide range of sources, including, the more experimental sides of dance music, funk, psychedelica and punk, but still come out with tunes that satisfy both feet and mind. The Mullet so far has represented nu-skool breaks and rolling beats, with debut Vinyl on Chi, the bassline monstor Cellophane Satisfaction, but recently breaks/techno hybrid tracks have been forthcoming such as Fillet and also, Ruff Machine being a fine example of techno/house." - Ferocious Mullet

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Bass Machine
Humble Crumble