Wednesday, March 01, 2006

In-Tune: Urban Myth Club

Style: Downtempo

"It’s not often that a band from England debut on North American radio, are confirmed for Glastonbury, The Big Chill festivals, gatecrash the iTunes Top 30 with their debut single, and all before anyone in their homeland has ever heard of them. The Club formed when electronica artist Dezz met Hollywood film composer Stephen Barton, who had recently returned to the UK having worked on blockbusters such as Gladiator. The duo created the downtempo tracks that plotted the future course of the Club. When LA called with the offer to write the music for Shrek 2 and Narnia, Stephen took a sabbatical from the Club and the idea of a collective was born. Dezz hooked up with enigmatic producer Ian Sanderson and Urban Myth Club's rocket left orbit. Additional members of the collective soon followed including downtempo legend Andy Dragazis (Blue States), and vocalists Clare Szembek (The Funky Lowlives) and Rowan Godel. Other celebrity members remain confidential. The Urban Myth Club was meant to be a secret, but a leaked album sampler found its way to a Canadian DJ who, in an unprecedented move by commercial radio, playlisted all six tracks on his show. After two years in the studio, Urban Myth Club have crafted an album of beautifully eclectic tracks, fusing organic electronica with anything that tickled their fancy, and the results are destined to become a million personal soundtracks." - Urban Myth Club

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I Feel It
Moon and the Night