Tuesday, February 28, 2006

In-Tune: Nulleins

Style: Electronica

"Seven Spaces is definitely not a concept album - it rather resembles a kind of sample assortment, composed of tracks produced from 2002 to 2005. However, the selection process has been dominated by one central ambition: variety. Particularly in the "electronic dub" segment, LP releases are prone to become slightly tedious when listened to in their full length, due to the genre's inherent bias towards lengthy and monotonous tracks. In addition, the absence of vocals and traditional song structures often makes it even more difficult to keep one's ears focused after two or three tracks. Achieving a high degree of diversity therefore has to be an important goal for a near-60-minutes release. Seven Spaces (hopefully) fulfills this requirement by alternating between organic, soothing, earthy pieces and "classic" rolling dub-techno tracks stuffed with lots of reverb and echoes - the latter already well-known from previous Nulleins EPs on Thinner. The album title refers to the impression this kind of music might establish in the alert listener's mind, especially when using headphones: each track opening up an imaginary room, determined by its distinct size, shape, surfaces, lights, temperature and countless other attributes. In short, it is really just an encouragement to let your imagination paint the video clip. Enjoy." - Markus Dolic (Nulleins)

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