Wednesday, November 09, 2005

In-Tune: Citrus Pastels

Style: IDM

"Citrus Pastels has released two EPs: one in 2004 entitled "Colors", and his newest in 2005, "Rose and Field." Both are free and were originally distributed through; a website which houses all sorts of original art and music from a close knit group of friends residing in various cities across the Pacific/Inland Northwest. If you enjoy this music, be sure to take a peek at this website. Crafted in the forges and fires of Citrus Pastel's home PC, these songs are polished gems. If you are into the likes of Radiohead (Kid A) and Aphex Twin, then you will most likely find yourself sinking your teeth into these short, but sweet EP's. There are currently no albums for sale, but as you all continue to listen, Citrus Pastels will continue to make music." - Citrus Pastels

Visit the website:

Beware the Outdoors (and all its terrible creatures)
Pressurized Steam