Wednesday, October 26, 2005

In-Tune: Dosage and Uses

Style: Electronica

"In 1998 in El Paso, TX, I began modestly with some friends by forming the band SLEX, playing an eclectic brew of hardcore guitar with dance-beat style live drums. Soon after, "creative differences" caused half of SLEX to break away and form AISLING. Around the same time, I began to become increasingly intrugued by Electronica, and began digging deeply into the endlessly suprising world of electronic music. After remastering and tweaking several songs I had written over the years, I began working on new material to create a buffer of music from which I could begin weaving an album, in several songs drawing on my background in guitar to add a human touch to the mechanical madness. My focus on intricacy of melody versus rhythm, combined with a rock-like song structure allow me to continually challenge myself. Not one to use preset sounds, I prefer to create my own patches and instrumentation and effect samples beyond recognition, with very few exceptions. With an increasing interest in sampling and naturally occuring aural textures, the future can only bring more intricate and engaging results." - Dosage and Uses

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