Thursday, October 27, 2005

In-Tune: Venue

Style: Electronica

"Venue creates an expressionist soundtrack that sounds like rerouting rock through a video camera. The outcome feeds on the motion and drive of dance music while still paying homage to the traditions of the pop/rock song structure. Capitalizing on electronic music's inherent ability to evoke the sublime through pristine synths and impossibly perfect time structures, Venue also embraces their own human shortcomings reworking their recorded mistakes, glitches and layers of "first takes" into the final output. The result is a new hybrid of commanding structure and honest emotion–the proverbial ghost in the shell – a consistant theme throughout the audio and visual elements of the band's performance. The new album One without a Second is a combination of music, technology, design and style– a collage of electronic soundscapes that land somewhere between the driving rhythm of future forward electronic music and the unknown territories of new technologies' uncharted stylistic waters. It's what might happen if Boards of Canada produced a Girls Against Boys record. Thematically, lyrically and emotionally themes of attraction and aversion are explored. The collage of fidelity, technologies and media lend themselves to this theme by mimicking the patchwork in which this duality exists around us. Accepting the responsibility that an artist/musician today has more opportunities to create a unified expression, Venue places equal importance on their visual aesthetic as they do their songs. A series of video and design elements coexist alongside each audio project and can be seen throughout their visual identity on line, on paper and on screen during live performances." - Venue

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