Monday, October 31, 2005

In-Tune: Angina P.

Style: Electronica

"Having suffered throat pain chronically, Vienna-based producer Angina P. took her name from the medical term for her condition. She is a production force whose stylings may be seen as an evocative combination of breakbeat, new age, and atmospherics. Her first contact with electronic music came in the early 90s upon her introduction to the Amiga computer. She spent most of her time playing games with the sole purpose of getting to the next level of the game in order to hear whatever music underscored the pixelated action. At some point in time a keyboard came into her posession - she programmed her very first measures with it and the minute it ran out of memory, she began longing for more brawny instruments she would eventually obtain..." - Angina P.

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Tokyo 6pm
Belladonna D30