Monday, November 07, 2005

In-Tune: Leaf

Style: Electronica

"After seven years of composing gritty yet ethereal abstract trip hop, Steve Wick is now ready to meet the world. A well respected producer in Dallas, Texas, Wick has layed down backing beats and produced dark anthems for scores of underground artists in Dallas. The Leaf project is a collaboration between Wick and members of Biogliphic, 32nd Kalpa, Blunt Force, and other area producers, a melding of dirty hip hop rhythm, crystalline melodies, insane sampling, and smooth organic instrumentation. Consistently dark and weighty, Leaf's compositions bring to mind some of the best abstract trip hop artists [DJ Shadow, DJ Signify, Subtle, Tricky], but their keen sense of place and mood, and unexpected uplifting moments set them apart as something worth notice. This is somber downtempo for dreamers, dealers, light sleepers, and everyone who knows the taste of concrete in the midnight air." - Leaf

Available at:

His Whole Life

Heard via Comfort Radio