Tuesday, November 08, 2005

In-Tune: Brian and Chris

Style: Electronica

"The brian_and_chris line-up consists of Brian Fraser and Chris Palmatier. Since their inception in the late 1990s, they have earned a solid reputation with their post rock/electronica hybrid. Describing their music as 'genre-free,' the two have released several critically acclaimed recordings. The All-Music Guide gave their last CD Vectors a four-star rating, calling it, 'trip-hop without the hop.' Their music explores the intersecting edges of rock, acoustic music, IDM, downtempo, dub, and anything else that strikes the fancy of the players. 'Our music-making process as brian_and_chris is intimately tied up in the use of the studio as an instrument,' says Palmatier. 'The use of digitally based recording allows us to use processes more commonly found in 'electronic' musics - arranging songs via editing, using high edit-densities, and the like - while continuing to create the sounds using actual instruments as opposed to using sampling or software synthesis. It's this juxtaposition of traditional instrumentation with studio-based music processes that allows us to do what we do - go from idea to finished object - without compromise.'" - Brian and Chris

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