Friday, July 28, 2006

In-Tune: BronZe

Style: Electronica

"Another fine release from "groovecaffe" is BronZe, young producer from Zagreb who will definitely be frontier in generations of producers from Croatia. With lots of percussions and fine pads, EP is made from collection of self-paced "electroetheric ambient lounge" with dark echo-reverbs, gloomy voice samples and absolutely huge bass sounds. He structured his sound with a little less melody and with more dub grooves and drops to opt for a dreamy, disorientating flight through ambient scapes. Bronze's tracks are dreamier and more beautiful if you unplug you brain for a while and seat back and relax. Visuals are like a sharpened picture, strong, and all tracks play like a movie without title, allowing the listener any number of interpretations." - Grovecaffe

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Blind Warriors
Soul on Ice