Wednesday, July 12, 2006

In-Tune: Mario L - Under the Cloud

Style: Electronica

"'Under the cloud' is conceptual EP with smooth opening 'Air' gently showing us basic elements of his composing and giving just a slight clue what should happen next. 'Bram' is gentle and melancholic track with jazzy tone and structure definitely reminding on early works of Art of Noise. Capturing you with it simplicity and inviting your mind to wonder. Continuing by smooth down beat tempo and leading us to the rhythmic escapades, strengthened by different atmospherical sounds, Mario's mystical and minimalistic sound invites you to stop for a minute. Stop for a while, forget your daily problems and routine and think about the deeper meaning about the things around you - just relaxing. Composed to be recognized not only on your first impression, we advise you to listen it more than once and enjoy when you really intend to wonder and move from everyday routine." - Mario L / Grovecaffe

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Deerhunter (Eastern Cloud Rmx)
CyberPark (Control Data Rmx)