Wednesday, July 19, 2006

In-Tune: Arrial

Style: Electronica

"Arrial made his debut appearance on Autoplate in November 2004 with the beautiful and introspective EP "This is My Beauty, Show Me Yours" [APL026]. Now, slightly over one-and-a-half years later, he once again blesses us with a magical blend of classical style guitar, meticulously plucked notes, programmed beats, and subtle electronics in his full length release "For the Love" consisting of nine reflective tracks. These nine compositions are emotive and their melodies carry feelings of nostalgia, guilt, regret, love, loss, hurt, and longing. The ever so delicate electronics are pleasant and add an additional texture of expression in between the filigrane and detailed guitar picking. The title has a twofold meaning: First, it's a message to his newborn son: most of the tracks were written in anticipation of his birth. Secondly, it's directed towards the "amateur" (in any endeavor) - that person who does something for the love of it without the expectation of payment." - Arrial / Audioplate

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Tomorrow I Start My Homework
I Predict A Quiet (Spanish Dub)