Monday, July 24, 2006

In-Tune: Spoonbill

Style: Electronica

"After 2 years of fossicking for samples, making sonic waves in the studio and recording with some of Melbournes finest musos, the delightful, genre-bending first offering from Melbourne producer and live electronic performer Spoonbill has finally hatched. Megafauna is an elegant and quirky symphony of honey-scented grooves, jovial humour and joyous beat trickery, melding an ever-evolving array of styles into a distinctive ozzie blend. From its richly textured electronic centre to the live licks around its jazzier edges, Megafauna celebrates and pokes fun at colloquial Australiana. Call it quirk-funk or downbeat with bite, Megafauna takes the listener firmly by the scruff of the ear and leads them into a shady forest of rhodes, horns, and deep double bass, then back out into an eccentric wonderland of glitched-out grooves infused with AM talkback radio and rowdy bush cobbers." - Spoonbill / Omlette

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Cocoon Part 1