Wednesday, July 26, 2006

In-Tune: David Last - Whatwhat?

Style: Minimal

"On the whatwhat? EP, David Last demonstrates his diverse music-making dexterity and crystal-clean production skills. The EP commences with "animal hybrids" -- a quirky, snippy dancefloor killer fueled by snarling found sounds and snappy percussion that all minimal techno djs can appreciate. Then on "where it falls", david last slows the bpm down to a chugging crawl -- yielding a groovy, slow-paced dub tune meticulously doused with blips, bleeps and heady reverbs (somewhat reminiscent of monolake). This is followed by "sporty ankles" -- a minimal masterwork that moves gently with broken beats, pretty vocal stabs, snippy percussion, drenching reverbs and a dubby undertone. Then so inagawa reworks "where it falls" into a deep, sample-heavy minimal ass-shaker soaked with goofy found sounds and reverb-drenched timbres. then ditch offers an upbeat remix of "sporty ankles" -- a driving crowd-pleaser with a hard-hitting beat, gritty melodies and funny sound-sculpting. and last but not least, suz offers another version of "where it falls" -- a sexy and heady minimal house ditty doused with chopped up vocal snippets, a rumbling bassline, grainy textures and shuffly percussion." - David Last / UnfoundSound

Available at:

Where it Falls
Sporty Ankles (Ditch Remix)

Note: .mp3 filesizes are a bit large