Wednesday, February 01, 2006

In-Tune: Marshall Watson

Style: Electronica

"The sound of machines in love; Overflowing with beautiful melodies and bass heavy distorted drums, Marshall Watson's delicate constructions of complementary and contrasting layers of sound conjure images of summer romance, mischief and adventure. 'The music changes with the seasons. The same song that works in the spring, will work in the fall, and have a completely different meaning. I am highly affected by the weather, and Seattle has great weather for staying inside and working on music obsessively. Lots of gray skies and rain, but when it is sunny here, there aren't words to describe how beautiful it can be.' His music indelibly leaves his unique mark on the indie-electronic landscape and injects a healthy dose of originality, soul, and a kick up the arse for anyone who thinks all you need is the correct software to make beautiful music!" - Marshall Watson

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Fifty in June
Joins Rambles