Friday, January 27, 2006

In-Tune: Such Broken Glass

Style: IDM

"The boy (unimportantly named Patric Fallon) did have a beat ever so strong in his heart. After discovering the beat he began to refer to himself as Such, Broken Glass. It was a silly name, but he found it to fit quite well. The beat has been in him since the 23rd day of February in the year 1983. It took some time, but he did bring it out to share. He shared as much as others would let him from California to Chicago back to California, Chicago one more time, and away he went to Portland, which was it. The travelling was over. No, infact it wasn't. Back to California again, with so much inbetween and maybe even more later. The boy looks around, along the wide, long, endless, and open road, continually looking in every dark corner for exciting sounds and inspiration. He has found it in books that were lent to him, on the streets of his many cities, in the flims he discovered, and even in the music of people he does or does not know. When it all comes together in a brilliant, pulsating light our statues will finally move, the waters won't remain placid or frozen (always running, renewing), the sleeping dogs will lie, their teeth safely hidden from our children (wide eyed and smiling), who slowly learn day after day to be the trustworthy fathers for a new generation of tireless marathon winners. We all live better with the sounds of the boy and his Such, Broken Glass." - Such Broken Glass

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