Tuesday, January 17, 2006

In-Tune: Jan Jelinek

Style: Electronica

"Since his early childhood, Jan Jelinek's life has centered on music, collected records and immersing himself in their seductive sound. In love with the unique, genre-specific sounds of dub, jazz, funk and soul, it took the discovery of house music to trigger his own musical awakening: he discovered a new, playful approach to his musical knowledge, allowing him to distil those special sounds without stooping to straightforward recycling. Instead, Jelinek's approach is all about the transformation of sounds, about devising a method for translating the pathos of old Motown records or the excesses of funk into abstract, reduced electronics. At this point in time he also began to work with loops, with slight modulations that convey the gist of a piece of music, even help to define it more clearly, yet mask the actual source. In all his various guises, Jelinek's attitude to music has always been and remains unfettered by stylistic constraints, but targets the style-encompassing essence of specific sounds. This equally sensuous and from a style and epoch-defined pop perspective abstract approach corresponds to its interdisciplinary counterpart: when it comes down to it, Jelinek is always striving to vanquish hierarchies. (Martin Besser)" - Jan Jelinek

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