Friday, January 20, 2006

In-Tune: Zofa

Style: Minimal House

"Is it the abrasive sensation of the megalopolis Mexico City or is it more the shivering awe in the shadows of an ancient Aztec temple that keep the tunes of this Mexican Electronica craftsman confidently on the edge between beauty and bit reduction. Just envision an immaculate House tune being fragmented into a thousand shiny dazzling splinters and then being recomposed by the artist showing an unconcealed indulgence for tiny little flaws and scratches. Zofa keeps a moderate pace on his 5-tracker for Yuki Yaki which appears to underline the comfy furniture reference of the name itself. Zofa seems to be more after the slightly abstract dim-lit glamour of an artisan bar than after floor-breaking excitement. This minimalist cocktail has to be served chilled!" - Zofa / Yuki Yaki

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