Wednesday, January 25, 2006

In-Tune: Alta Infidelidad

Style: Electronica

"For this release, Alta Infidelidad team up to compress their associative, trippy sound on and on, with continously compact melody fragments over soundeffects. At times they let sound effects run against each other and have the sample elements communicating with each other in a virtuose way. While the tracks of Receptor are clean and sparse they appear as almost static motions inside wooden, yet driving minimalist patterns. On the other side we have the antagonist tracks by Christian Dittmann, which are full with minimal percussive spinneries in a rich versatile mix that make you wonder how he manages to develop a track out of the pumping seizing intro huddles. An endless stream, apparently not vehemently aligned on purpose, slowly develops frequent dreaming undertones, that absorb oneself within the strangest area, where tension won't reduce to a lesser extent, no matter if the end is a wafted pad or simply the most reduced grooves. Start and finish are hardly recognizeable and the dancefloor barely is in sight, but apparently the intoxicated drifting thereafter becomes visible. The arrangements are fragile, volatile and less than ever appear to obey linearity as a flux of jammed ideas, shortly shifted sound explosions and rhythmic displacements. The tracks pulsate like in an endless flush aimlessly through the rooms in the broadest sense. Worlds and intensities, at times they are textures and again, haunting. The peculiar attention roams above the tracks and gets stuck here and there, takes an immersion bath and engrosses from the popping sounds. You might think: Odd descriptions. But this is how these tracks interact - A bipolar team play, an allegory similar as the reach from north and south of the chilean country. Although it feels dry and dusty by times, the soul within is deep and emotional." - Alta Infidelidad / Thinner

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Onda (Deep Mix)