Thursday, January 05, 2006

In-Tune: Phour Trakk

Style: Electronica

"In the face of the fact that his first ep on iD.EOLOGY was entitled "Detour", one could get the idea that Phour Trakk is now trying to tell us with "Lost in transition" that he's gone astray. On the intro already, though, our virtuoso of quiet sounds makes it pretty clear that he's about something entirely different. Transition is an inbetween-state, neither fully one thing nor entirely another. To view this state merely as the way from A to B would mean to Phour Trakk to strip it from its assets, to rob it of its nature and its inimitability. In the eyes of Phour Trakk, transition is a state in which something new and fascinating can develop out of the merge of different elements. Lost in this thought, Phour Trakk makes it a principle in style and content on "Lost in Transition". Nothing changes abruptly and yet nothing stays the same for more than the blink of an eye. Nothing is definite, yet nothing is arbitrary. And stylewise, the tracks are neither classic lounge nor typical ethnobeat, neither generic ambient, nor official breakbeat, neither entirely sequenced and electronic, nor totally handmade and acoustic - and yet they're all that simultaneously. The only thing missing now is a good transition to a final punch line. But instead of that, we simply recommend this ep to you. As you know, it's got a lot to say on the topic of transition. And that it's good, you'll find out right away." - Phour Trakk / iD.EOLOGY

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