Monday, January 09, 2006

In-Tune: Everest

Style: Electronica

"Everest are matu and meienberg. they record everywhere and always, tapeing whatever sounds they think is necessary for their music. everest merge everyday-noises into dark soundcarpets and put delay-troubled beats under it. shreds of conversation are hundet by spherical shimmer. their work is ambient-driven electronic music, with a distinctive love for organic sounds. The atmospheres everest create have two slopes, a dark and a more melodic one. The later genre will be celebrated on this ep. Since the previous album "heimlich maneuver" introduced by everest, they developed sounds towards a more detailed song structure. Each track is carefully constructed to sound deceptively simple whilst being heavy on rhythms, clicks and dreamy emotions, shifting further towards the territory occupied by the likes of melodious intensed strings and waves. Using simple but warm fm-melodies alongside thudding beats, assorted blips, scratches and samples. The four tracks on peakEP are taking the listener on a journey through a range of feelings and emotions, peak gently shifts moods and portrays feelings subtly but effectively, switching from relaxed to explorable - simply e-v-e-r-e-s-t!" - Everest / Maetrix Solutions

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