Friday, January 06, 2006

In-Tune: New Delhi FM

Style: Electronica

"New Delhi FM is a project that evolved out of other projects in the past. It originally started as a threepiece consisting of Sandro Boege, Paul Krege and Marc Hofling. Today, after a long period of quite loose cooperation with Paul, Sandro is the only real member of New Delhi FM as Paul's focus went on to more club-oriented Music (in which he's doing a great job, btw. check Schallschnelle and look for "Ellwart und Krege"). The intention behind New Delhi FM is basically to create tracks with strong atmospheres, and make the listener want to travel 'through' the sounds and let him, even after listening to a track for the 10th time, discover something new in the music. It's a very personal and intimate sound, but it's all still about the music, not about who's making it. Some have asked if there were any messages in the tracks itself. Well, of course there are, but they aren't necessarily political, religious or whatever. They are there because they need to be there. Same goes for the origin of a lot of the sounds used in the music. Sometimes they are just tiny snippets of field recordings used as percussive elements and sometimes they are even complete conversations that can be heard if listened very closely. It's the world that makes us what we are, so why shouldn't we take what influences our daily life and make something out of that?" - New Delhi FM

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Under Major Influence
Daylight Confusion