Monday, November 21, 2005

In-Tune: Sonagraphie

Style: Electronica

"November brings the first cold, Songraphie lend us their "Toys" to make our room warmer with some childish memories. The duo from Moscow, formed by Ilya and Paul Bochorov, skilled and talented producers, has created something different from everything they ever pubblished for Otium, their former label. These "toys" are the result of a very particoular mix between lot of different styles and influences; clicks & cuts, hard beat, idmish melodies, broken-tek, ambient pads, 8bit synths, glitchy rhythm and much more. During these nine tracks the word "eclectic" is explained very well. Little jewels perfectly assembled that will remain imprinted in your memory; Ilya and Paul are the puppeteers of this wonderful toys theatre made of glitchs, heavy compressed beats, low frequencies, and an incredible quantity of talent. Take them seriously." - Sonagraphie

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