Thursday, November 17, 2005

In-Tune: Sectorchestra

Style: Electronica

"This release is special. Not only because it's Danny Kreutzfeldt's return to Thinner after his last EP from fall 2003 but also because it is the farewell of his Sectorchestra project. "No Morchestra" is a vast collection of tracks created in the past years that are now compiled into a constitutive album format. Sectorchestra is/was Danny Kreutzfeldt's project for abstract atmospheric house constructions. The contributions Danny did on Thinner under the Sectorchestra guise were known to be discrete releases, critics favourites, with both richness and diversity in terms of sound and aesthetics. Although this is the last Sectorchestra one, this vibrant danish bedroom scientist always has many other projects running so just check out his homepage to see his upcoming releases." - Sectorchestra / Thinner

Available at:

People and the Things They Do
Danish Throatsinging Dub