Tuesday, October 18, 2005

In-Tune: Dj Eurok

Style: Downtempo - Trip Hop

"DJ Eurok (you-rock) is a Salvadoran American hip-hop artist based in Washington, DC. A multi-talented DJ, producer, poet and hip-hop MC, Eurok creates music that challenges and redefines genres. A fixture in the local DJ scene - Eurok has been a featured performer at a number of venues in the DC area. Regarded for his careful selection and crowd rocking blend of hip hop, soul grooves, Latin flavors, and funky breaks, Eurok is a respected turntable-artist and a sought after performer. A skilled producer in a number of styles, Eurok creates dynamic tracks that build upon hip hop's sonic foundations and draw upon an influence of various future and world musics. His vision for this style, dubbed beat science, can be heard on his debut album Self Realization. DJ Eurok's production has received praise from music connoisseurs of all genres, rocking sound systems from Tokyo to Germany and everywhere in between..." - DJ Eurok

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Talking Drum (version)