Wednesday, October 12, 2005

In-Tune: The Silk Demise

Style: Vocal Trip-Hop

"Downtempo, trip hop, electronic music, with female vox- 'the silk demise' focusses on atmosphere, incessant bass, and throbbing beats, while offering the angelic vocals of Olivia Zielinski. Based in Toronto, Ontario, the silk demise was born 4 years ago. Instrumental work and production is performed by William Litshauer, while vocals appearances include Edie Marshall (on the tracks "Heroin Chic", "Being", and "Invalidate"), Anna Ivanova (on the track "Downheart"), and now the strikingly beautiful Olivia Zielinski (on the tracks "The Garden", "Corridor Fog", "Null", and more to come...). Group Members: William M. Litshauer, Olivia Zielinski. Vocal collaborations with Edie Marshall and Anna Ivanova." - The Silk Demise

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Corridor Fog