Friday, October 14, 2005

In-Tune: Moosefrog

Style: Downtempo

"Moosefrog started it's musical evolution in late 2002 when the musical style was more into experimental techno and ambient. In 2003 the style had evolved into organic downtempo / nu-jazz. Moosefrog released its first demo called 'Chill-out Bitch' that had 5 tracks in it. Moosefrog's third ep continues where their previous release "Chill-out Bitch" left. However with a bit darker tones. Come is a mixture of downtempo/triphop/nu-jazz with a good rock'n'roll attitude. Features Jukka Torso, Mr. Mouse and Tuomo of Ingrey." - Moosefrog

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Dreaming of Wings