Tuesday, October 11, 2005

In-Tune: Theory in Motion

Style: Breakbeat

"Theory in Motion is Danny James and Dillin Quent's original creation born of a passion for sound and a love of performance. They have created a captivating live act filled with driving, energetic music and have future plans for compelling theatrics inspired by the rich visual entertainment of artists like Rabbit in the Moon and Moby. Danny James and Dillin Quent both deliver live drumming, deft turntablism and/or mixing, singing, EQing, and playing the keyboards. Each controls their hardware and software creating a seamless groove to carry the audience through the stories told by the show. In total dedication to their audience, the performance is focused on massive auditory and visual stimulation and satisfaction of the crowd." - Theory in Motion

Visit the website:

Devil's Playground
Tommorow Today

TnM's 1st album "Are You Ready?" can be downloaded here for free!

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