Thursday, July 28, 2005

In-Tune: Artemis

Style: Electronica

"...born in a trailer park. opened her eyes and stuck out her tongue at her new human companions, and staked her claim as a performance artist. there is documented analog proof of artemis singing her way through the first reading of a book. wrote her first hit, fiddle dee fiddle o fiddle dee, at the age of four. announced her plans to become a ballerina, doctor and rock star and marry shaun cassidy. won the hustle contest at the mall, and first prize for best mushroom sculpture at 4-H family camp. tried to be a good girl scout, but got ex-communicated for biting off barbie's arms and legs. grew up studying chemistry in the back of a rusty gold sixty-seven dodge and become the family's first straight-A college dropout, herbalist, prolific poetess and brilliant musical artist. forgot all about shaun cassidy and marriage. still likes to wear the girl scout uniform though. is right at home in san francisco. would rather defy definition, but will make up something crafty if you ask her nicely. has a knack for blending acoustic and electronic worlds and likes to think she can use music, poetry and her voice to trick people into thinking twice or better yet, not thinking at all. if you like what you hear, hold onto your hat, drop the sandbags and stay tuned. planets are colliding. the dimensions of the invisible universe are showing us a little leg. the crew is building a new boat. it is red and shiny like the old radio flyer, with lovely sails woven by the original wise old babooshka in her spooky backwoods hut built on chicken legs. keep your eyes and ears and all other sense organs peeled ... this ship is aimed aimed straight for the moon." - Artemis

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