Friday, July 29, 2005

In-Tune: Lendi Vexer

Style: Downtempo / Trip Hop

"Lendi Vexer is Natalie Naveira and Diego Gui azu " DG " Impelled to spill deep songs on determined feelings and aspect of the life, these two members united to work together in the year 2000 and up to now they continue with their mutual support in the hard times, composing new songs with intense, piercing lyrics and intimists for moments. Always based on the reflexive aspect of the down tempos with hypnotic and orchestral tint, blended with the singers particular voice. The band is definitively formed as that that today you are knowing as Lendi Vexer with the magic arrival of Natalie, her guitars and her excellent voice with so much to was the complement that it needed for the electronic part." - Lendi Vexer

Available at:

Suicidal Adage (Crimson Underground Mix U.K.)
Nothing was Special