Wednesday, May 18, 2005

In-Tune: Gaia13

"Gaia13 achieves the energy of IDM, downtempo, and drum 'n bass. and yet maintains a mellow vibe with treated instruments, including occasional guitar and vocals. Gaia13's latest full-length release "The Sea Turtle Project" is an album grounded by complex but consistent percussion and solid bass, and layered with interwoven and transcendent melodies. It's the result of 10 months worth of recording and producing in the studio. "I went in totally new directions with The Sea Turtle Project, meticulously adding rhythmic and melodic elements to songs which I had written and performed over the previous year." At times laid back and peaceful, at times intense, the 16 song Sea Turtle Project is a powerful and always danceable album by one of electronica's unique composers." - Gaia13

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Trail of Funk
A Place in Time