Friday, May 06, 2005

In-Tune: E*vax

"E*vax is the solo project of Evan Mast, also a member of Ratatat (XL Recordings). Following two sold-out singles on ADR and Static Caravan and an appearance on a Morr Music compilation, E*Vax delivered his first full-length effort, "Parking Lot Music". The album's 11 tracks range from upbeat pop electronics to laid back melancholy numbers. The focus is certainly on the melodic, but each track also contains complex beat structures while maintaining a level of subtlety. Utilizing a wide variety of methods for sound manipulation, E*Vax thrives on taking simple, everyday, household sounds and twisting them into rhythmic patterns. These patterns are then recontextualized and layered with melody to produce a subtle form of electro-acoustic music. Though despite all that, it's pop music at heart." - E*vax

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