Monday, May 09, 2005

In-Tune: Odd Nosdam

"Born in Cincinnati, A young odd nosdam began meddling with machines in the mid 90's, looping his favorite Nirvana riffs and Black Moon beats on a Sega Genesis and filling tapes with noise collage. In his early 20's, this hobby became an obsessive lifestyle when he purchased a dr. sample and Tascam cassette 8-track, and met and collaborated with doseone and why? on their greenthink tapes. Nosdam's art begins with a specific sound in mind and an arduous search for source material. The assemblage portion of nosdam's process is executed quickly and with a great deal of spontaneity, most pieces being completed in a single sitting at his MPC with a single mindstate and a clear direction. As the artist eloquently explains, "If I'm in a certain mood, shit comes out a certain way." Nosdam has developed his own unique musical sensibility, drawing inspiration from a broad palette ranging from Flying Saucer Attack, Hood, The Rza, Prince Paul and everything in-between and outlying. A rare quality among modern instrumental artists, nosdam allows his many mental ups and downs, quirks and eccentricities to seep deep into his sound creations." - Odd Nosdam

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