Tuesday, May 10, 2005

In-Tune: Eastern Sun

"The partnership between Eastern Sun's Brian Saitzyk and DJ John Kelley brings you a creatively unique and spiritual sound in their CD, In Emptiness. Known for creating the sounds that define what West Coast breakbeats are, Los Angeles native, DJ John Kelley is one of North AmericaĆ­s foremost breaks DJs. Brian, a born and raised native of Venice, California, was raised in a Buddhist household and was allowed to follow his creative passion of music. His constant experimentation with electronics combined with his exploring spirit has resulted in some very innovative music in a dizzying variety of genres. With the Ball of Waxx debut full-length, In Emptiness, Eastern Sun presents a deep, soulful chord in the world of electronic music. Rising higher by the hour, Eastern Sun brings light and warmth out of the darkness with innovative style and sonic beauty." -Eastern Sun

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Northern Vision
Rapture at Sea