Thursday, May 12, 2005

In-Tune: Black Ether

"Born of a concept that music should be felt as much as heard, Black Ether has been captivating listeners since 2001 with emotive down tempo electronic music. Like tendrils of long forgotten dreams, Black Ether moves people in ways very few artists can, simultaneously touching on the human and spiritual conditions with a force that can be as soft as a feather, or like a sledge hammer to the brain. Reminiscent of acts like Delirium, Deep Forest and VAST, Black Ether has managed, however, to blaze its own sonic trail with a distinctiveness that speaks “Black Ether”. Ethereal ambience, haunting melodies, tribal drums, sensuous and peaceful vocals, soaring guitars and keyboard solos and a healthy dose of creativity culminates in a sound that is timeless, emotive, and extraordinarily mind blowing." - Black Ether

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