Wednesday, May 03, 2006

In-Tune: Recue

Style: Electronica

"Between Stations is the long anticipated debut EP from Recue (Riku Annala). Already known by many for his live performances with partner and sonic ally Bad Loop and a recent remix for If:Then:Goto - the interest in a solo release from Recue has been building for quite awhile. Heavy and equal elements of ambient, dub, idm, soul, and even techno (hailing back to the 1990s heyday of acts such as Orbital) ever present in Recue's music. Rhythms trip around everywhere over strong melodies and together carry a persistent groove along currents of ragged arpeggios and bass. Sublime and sombre introspective moments are here as well - such as the drowned bass of 'Silversands', the melodic ambience of 'Between Stations', and the enamoring guest-vocals of Jobie on the lush 'Come away with me'." - Recue / One

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Between Stations
Orchard Rd