Tuesday, April 25, 2006

In-Tune: Kali Frogz

Style: Electronica

"Kali-Frogz are Christopher Fabulet and Eric Brandy. With this five-track EP, the French duo delivers an incredible set of mesmerizing rhythms, soaring synths, infectious keyboards, sizzling electronics and experimental moments. The lead track 'Sakrifice' begins with a brief episode of pounding beats and frenzied noise reminiscent of early industrial music. This quickly gives way to a more structured atmosphere of hypnotic (almost tribal) beats, melancholy keyboards, and meticulous flickering electronics. 'Mystic Future' is a bleak track leaning towards the experimental side. Discordant keyboards, an ominous beat, distorted voices, and unsettling noises take the listener on a brief side trip to the darker side. 'Light Modulation' is an uplifting composition of stirring orchestral-like synths, blissful electronics, and moving beats that are accentuated with samples of Martin Luther King’s inspirational 'I Have a Dream' speech. The stirring horn-like synths and reverberating layers of rhythmic beats on 'Deeprecif' only serve to strength the inspiring atmosphere initiated in 'Light Modulation'. A low tonal drone, robotic voices, staccato keyboard notes, and peculiar electronic noises in 'Altantide' give it a surreal ambiance which marks the return to darker moments and brings the listener to the end of this engaging aural journey." - LAJ / Kali Frogz / SubMachine.net

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Light Modulation

Shout to Starfrosch for turning me on to this!