Monday, April 17, 2006

In-Tune: Lezrod

Style: Ambient Electronica

"The average music savvy already knows that a great deal of the most interesting electronic music is coming out of latin american countries. With Mexico and Argentina at he first wave of experimentalists, we now have to include Colombia, because of artists like David Velez, aka Lezrod. David started his jouney of micro-ambient electronica at Zymogen, with 'Retorno a la Nada', a mutant body of glitchy drones and jazz-inspired compositions. But Lezrod's music isn't static, it's always evolving and shapeshifting into something that completely mirrors the artist's complex personality. David is also a big music lover, of all kinds. So it's not surprising that eventually he would ask some of his friends, also music artists that David respects, to do something together. 'Data Transfer' is the result of a combined work led out by Lezrod and his friends, where chunks of music information were transfered electronically back and forth, between Lezrod's hometown Bogota and other distant places like Darren McClure's Japanese home, Gurdonark's Texas prairie, Stephen's Ohio and Fgmcvp's Florida beaches, the latter being a personal friend of David from Colombia. David has compiled here a great selection of collaborative work that will be remembered and tresured for years to come. There aren't many artists with such relatively short careers making music with this quality and density. Zymogen can indeed be proud of putting out releases like this. And from this side, we can only be thankful for that." - Lezrod / Zymogen

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