Tuesday, April 18, 2006

In-Tune: Sinq

Style: Electronica

"Another debut on Monotonik, and honestly, somewhat of a spectacular one from SinQ, aka Sander van Orischot, a Dutch electronic musician who's produced, in his album 'Passage', one of our favorite works so far this year - and we're lucky enough to be able to release it for free, too! Completely licensed via Creative Commons, and even using multiple CC-licensed recordings as samples, SinQ's blend of triphop, electronics, and ambient is evocative and beautiful, with first track 'Who's Afraid Of Noises?' using haunting female vocals, samples from noted Dutch jazz pianist Jeroen van Vliet, and a loping Bristolian sound to air things out in a rather wonderful way. In general, it's either an ambient hush or gorgeous blisslike nu-chill, reminiscent of some of the best of the genre, with 'Be Brave' rinsing out the evocative, Overpass building up a kind of slow train groove, and 'Are You There?' leading up to a soundtrack high. Things all end out with 'Epiloque', again gorgeous, and really the epitome of what Monotonik has tried to provide for the last few years - the best headphone music you can find." - Sinq / Monotonik

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